About The Nissan Elgrand E50 1997 - 2002

Elgrand E50 1997  - 2002

Nissan Elgrand E50 first generation was manufactured between 1997-2002 Several engine options were offered including the petrol VG33E, VQ35DE and diesel QD32ETi and ZD30DDTi. Elgrand E50 comes with automatic transmission and available in either 2WD or 4WD power train. Nissan Elgrand E50 has several trim levels:
Highway Star
S Edition

Different Specification Options on the Vehicle when purchase new from Show room, Model variations start from V to S Edition, the high models with best Specification which are Highway Star, rider and S Edition which is rare model to buy on the second hand market.

Most used Nissan Elgrand's E50 model were commonly exported to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, UK, and formerly the Philippines.
Bestselling version of the E50 is the 3.2 Turbo Diesel Engine QD32ETI. This a strong and reliable engine and has plenty of power.

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